What Are The Benefits Of Dental Crowns

When you got damaged teeth, it takes a hit on your self-esteem. It’s a lot harder to interact with people because you become conscious of whether or not they’ll notice how bad your teeth are. It’s also harder to chew or to enjoy the food that you like because now you have to be conscious of how the food you eat impacts your teeth.

But living with damaged teeth should not be so difficult. Thanks to technology and advances in the dental industry, there are ways for you to repair or cover up damages on your teeth. One of those ways is by using dental crowns. Check here for information regarding dental crowns and their benefits.

What is a dental crown?

A dental crown is a cover that is put all over your teeth to improve how it looks and to strengthen damaged teeth. It is also called a “cap” because it is applied in the same way that you put on a cap. But unlike a cap, it won’t easily fall off or get removed.

Dental crowns are made of different materials and you can choose from those materials. Crowns can be made of metal alloys, porcelain, composite resin, and even gold alloys which you usually see on cartoon characters. The most common material used for dental crowns are porcelain and metal alloys. They are famous because they can be matched to your natural teeth color. As compared to gold crowns, porcelain crowns make it look more natural and appealing.

When do you need a dental crown?

A dental crown is often recommended by dentists when some of these things are seen on your teeth:

  • When your teeth are weak and signs of a fracture are visible
  • When you want to cover a dental implant
  • When your teeth experience discoloration
  • When you want to have even teeth
  • When you have bridges and they need to be connected


Benefits of a Dental Crown

So your dentist recommends that you get a dental crown. But apart from knowing that you need it, what are the other benefits of getting a dental crown?

  1. It covers up cracks in your teeth

When you’ve hit and some cracks show up, the best way to hide them is to have a dental crown. The crown will cover up the cracks and make your teeth look new. In addition, dental crowns serve as an extra support for weak teeth.

  1. It makes your teeth look new again

If you’ve chosen porcelain dental crowns, then you can easily improve the appearance of your teeth. This is because porcelain crowns can be adjusted in such a way that they have the same color with your natural teeth. This is also a good idea if you have one tooth that has a different color.

  1. It holds together a dental bridge

Dental crowns are good anchors for dental bridges. It holds down the bridge in order for it to look more natural and to be more stable like the rest of your teeth.

  1. It makes your teeth look evenly shaped

When your teeth are crooked or you’ve noticed that they are uneven, dental crowns can be a solution to make your teeth look aligned. However, this only refers to the alignment of your teeth at the top. So, if you have crooked teeth in such a way that a tooth is slanted, dental crowns will not be of any help because it will not straighten out the actual placing of your teeth.

  1. It can easily be installed.

Unlike other dental treatments wherein you have to go back to the dentist for a least three times, a dental crown can be installed in just one visit. Some dental clinics have their own milling units that grind ceramic blocks to fit your teeth perfectly. If your dental clinic happens to have one, then you don’t have to go back to get your dental crown placed.

Dental crowns are a great fix for a lot of tooth problems. At the same time, they not only make your teeth strong, but they also make them look beautiful even if you have had dental implants or bridges on. Before getting a dental crown, make sure that you consult with your dentist first.