The Three Types of Health We All Need

Gone are the days when health pertained to the body. Yes, your physical health will always be important, but there are other types of health that need a lot of attention, too. These are your mental health and social health.

Physical Health

The most common and explored aspect of your health is your body. Ever since the beginning of time, the body has always been given attention to because a healthy body equals more work done and a longer life.

Taking care of your physical health is one of the habits that every person should learn to practice. This does not mean that being healthy for a week gives long term effects either. A healthy lifestyle should always be continuous so that it can make substantial improvements to your body.

Mental Health

One unexplored aspect of health is mental health. Mental health refers to what you think and feel. Part of mental health is how you respond to emotions. Emotions, on the other hand, is more fleeting than a mental state. A mental state, like contentment, is long-term because it also becomes a mindset or a way of approaching things.

Being aware of your mental health is important because your state highly affects how you see life and how you interact with other people. So if you’re in a state of hate, you can’t expect to work well because you’ll tend to bring all your anger towards what you are doing.

A common issue in mental health is depression. With the presence of more competitive environments and more connected social media sites, it’s not impossible to connect the dots to the risk of getting depressed. This is why doing mental health exercises is important. It will help you train your mind to respond properly to situations that aggravate you.


Social Health

Aristotle once said that “man is by nature a social animal”. Following these wise words, it’s good to give enough attention to the social aspect of your health.

Your social circle affects your life in so many ways. Take, for example, when you surround yourself with loving people. Because they always show you that they care, you tend to adapt to their ways of showing love. After a while, you’ll also be more loving yourself. The same goes for any bad habit. When you surround yourself with toxic people, it’s hard not to be toxic yourself. This is why “choose your friends” is one of the most common advice that adults say.

These three types of health are directly related to each other. This means that when you have a healthy body, your mind is supplied with the right stimuli to produce the hormones that affect your mood which, in turn, affect how you interact with people. These three aspects form a cycle where each should be given equal focus on.